Albino Roller coaster Mushrooms

Origin: Tidal Wave sister strain

Potency: 5/5

Albino Roller Coaster will take you on a wild ride, so buckle up!  This mushroom gives a new meaning to white as snow and is one of few strains that have white spores too.  Albino is a true Albino mushroom so it lacks any pigmentation, and those ghostly genetics were passed down to this strain.  Roller Coaster is newer to the marketplace, but is known for its insightful effects of highs, lows, and loop de loops!  So when these two genetically gifted strains combined forces Albino Roller Coaster was created.  Other effects that could be experienced are known to be moderate hallucinations, body euphoria, and mildly shamanistic.   Life can be a roller coaster.  Let Albino Roller Coaster make it a fun-filled and entertaining ride today!


1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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